The End is Near

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Representative Schreiber & some of Team 95
The beginning of the 2014-2015 marked numerous big changes for me. I resigned from my job at Career Development and instead accepted an offer to go work for the York College sponsored literary magazine, Story. The routine that I had established over the past couple of years was suddenly
disrupted and I had uncharted territory to figure out. This job change was 100% the right choice for me and I'm so happy to working with Story's amazing team. I'm getting back to my writing roots and it's a wonderful feeling!

At the same time, I also began interning with Representative Schreiber. I had a feeling that going into this internship that government work was going to be a whole new world and that assumption was right on the money. I've enjoyed every minute of working in the political arena, but most importantly, I've learned that my passion is bettering the world rather than getting caught up in bipartisan battles. I wouldn't change this experience for the world. Plus, it helps that entire staff is amazing and truly dedicated to their positions.

As the semester begins to wrap up, I'm craving graduation and getting started in the "real world." My college experience has never really been a typical one. Like I've always said, I'm an old soul so the traditional college scene doesn't appeal to me. But going out into society and making palpable change? Sign me up!

Of course, by no means am I wishing away my senior year. I know that I'm going to miss being here more than I can imagine in the present moment. This final semester is essentially going to be a celebration of all things Spartan green. Plus as soon as I graduate, I plan on getting involved with the young alumni committee (which I'm already kind of involved in...)!

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