How to Use Your Personal Style as a Vision Board

Vision boards are undoubtedly an extremely valuable tool for manifesting your dreams. I recently created one in earnest for the first time and it was unbelievably therapeutic. I look forward to seeing it each morning and will stop to look at it throughout the day.

The problem with vision boards is they’re not great for transport. It’s not easy to carry around a giant poster board with all your intimate hopes and dreams on it. This is what makes Pinterest and other similar vision board apps helpful. You can carry around your vision board in your pocket.

While I love Pinterest, I didn’t feel the same connection with my digital vision board. I wanted to feel a physical connection. Even though I had already started to work on a paper and tape vision board, I also wanted to take my vision to the next level.

What if I wore my vision board?

How to Use Your Personal Style as a Vision Board | Sarah Michelle Blog

I’m not talking putting a string on my board and toting it around on my neck like one of those people who hands out flyers on the street. Instead, I wanted to embody my vision, and I decided I would dress like the version of me I was envisioning.

I started by asking myself these questions, which have helped me create a style with the pieces I already own that represents my vision.

What colors are part of your vision board?

Typically we’re drawn to particular color palettes. Some of us prefer muted neutrals while others love bold colors. Since I’m currently living my Year of the Flamingo, I picked out the bright colors I saw reoccurring in my vision board that were reflected in my closet. Even though I felt a dress was too “nice” to wear on a day I was working at home, I put it on anyway because that’s what the vision board version of me would wear.

What talisman can you wear?

Okay, I know this sounds woo-woo crazy, but hang with me for a second. Do you have those certain pieces of jewelry that a loved one gave you that feel special? Or maybe it’s a perfume that you purchased on a trip that you have happy memories of. Whatever it may be, certain items hold meaning to us beyond making us feel pretty. Whose support keeps you going when you feel a negative thought spiral come on? Put on an item that this person got you so when you look at it, you remember who has your back. I make a point to wear my engagement ring and a piece of jewelry from my mom when I need an extra dose of love in my life.

Where does your vision board have you going?

This might be a cliched example, but if you’re dreaming of being the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and you’re bumming it in yoga pants and an old t-shirt, you’re not dressing for the job you want. The places you envision going don’t have to be as dramatic as couch to CEO, but if you’re dreaming about being a fashion blogger, consider taking time to do your hair, add a bit of makeup, and put on one of your favorite outfits. If you want to be a yoga instructor, donate your baggy sweats and upgrade to high-quality athletic wear. Dress for where your dreams are taking you.

Envisioning your future doesn’t have to be limited to paper or even Pinterest. Take the time to surround yourself with things that inspire you. Of course, don’t create clutter for the sake of clutter so make sure your talismen are meaningful.