Live Beautifully

What does it mean to live beautifully? It’s a question I’ve had swimming around in my head for weeks. I know that I want to live beautifully, but how is that achieved? While the phrase “live beautifully” has only been stuck in my mind for the past few weeks, the concept has been with me for much longer.

I’ve had this dream of living beautifully since I was 14 years old and watched My Fair Lady for the first time. My mom had tried to convince my teenage self that I would adore Audrey Hepburn and enjoy the music from the film. While she was correct, she also greatly underestimated the passion for Audrey Hepburn and the loveliness she exuded that would stay with me for years to come.

My love for charming famous women only grew and transformed. I developed a fascination with both characters (like Blair Waldorf) and real women (like Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge). Without realizing it, I’ve had these gorgeous souls mentoring me from some ethereal plane, encouraging me to live a more beautiful life.

While these women are beautiful, it wasn’t only their beauty that captured my attention. I fell in love with way Audrey’s eyes sparkled as she learned the word “serendipity” in Paris When It Sizzles. I daydreamed of one day eating macarons in a glorious bubble bath like Blair Waldorf. I delighted in moments when the Duchess of Cambridge would bend down and take a small bouquet from a young child, giving him or her a dazzling smile.

In my eyes, this is true beauty. It’s enjoying life and soaking in every moment, both big and small. Beauty isn’t just impeccable style and flawless skin—sure, these help you live a more beautiful life, but they’re truly just ornamental when added to your already beautiful life.

If you’ve read my blog for any extended period of time, you’ve probably seen this theme woven throughout past posts. Now that I’ve finally put a phrase to the way of living I’ve been trying to achieve for over a decade, I want to share my journey and hopefully inspire others to live beautifully as well.

As a twenty-something, middle class, well-educated woman, I am aware of my advantages in life and the unique opportunity I have to add beauty into my life, but I believe you don’t have to be in the same situation in order to have a beautiful life.

Living beautifully is open to everyone—any gender, age group, season of life. I know one incredible woman who balances multiple jobs, four kids, and her equally as busy partner, but she still manages to add a touch of beauty into her day

As the weeks progress, plan to see posts on how to add beautiful moments into your everyday life, along with ideas on designing a beautiful future and being your most beautiful self.

Sarah Walsh