7 Lessons I Learned From My Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share with you some of the valuable things my mother has taught me. My mama bear is a constant inspiration to me. She’s funny, quirky, and has the sweetest heart. I call her every morning and text her throughout the day. She’s my best friend and I would be completely lost without her.

You know how moms say that “mother knows best”? Well, more often than not, that holds true to my mom. In fact when I was sick last year, she got me a coffee mug to cheer me up that said “OMG My Mother Was Right About Everything.” I accepted it with a laugh and begrudgingly acknowledged the sentiment was true.

Lessons from Mom

I figure if her wisdom is so valuable to me, her words might resonate with you as well.  

Always be aware of your surroundings

Up until I graduated college, I probably heard her say this 4-5 times a week. Now I probably hear it at least once a week during our phone calls. While I often found it annoying when I was younger, I’ve found this advice to be invaluable. In a literal sense, it’s probably prevented me from getting run over from cars or knocked over by waves at the beach. But I’ve also gleaned a lot from it figuratively. I constantly strive to be aware of what people I’m surrounding myself within life and how I’m spending my time. I think this advice has kept me safe in so many ways, even it’s just saving me from myself.

Dogs are family

I’m 100% a dog person. I love my cats, but there is nothing better than puppy dog kisses and cuddles. But my mom? She legitimately likes dogs more than people. She currently has two Newfoundlands, a Newfoundland/Lab mix, and an English Mastiff. She has my dream crew of pets. She taught me her love of animals, which has become such a big part of my life.

Some foods only your mom should make

My mom makes the best beef barley soup, chocolate chip cookies, chicken salad, meatballs...really the list could go on. I can follow her recipes to the letter, but somehow they never taste quite as good. I chalk it up to extra dash of love she puts into her recipes (gack, I know, but it’s true). Similarly, she won’t make certain foods that her mom makes, like lemon bars, German potato salad, and paper thin sugar cookies. By following this rule, I’ve saved myself from a lot of dissatisfaction.

Don’t date car salesmen

I’m sure there are some lovely men who are car salesmen, but from my experience, most car dealers are very slimy. Too much hair gel, not enough sincerity. She actually has a whole list of qualities I should avoid in a man, and I can happily say that Bryan passes the test with flying colors. 

Have a safe and happy day

My mother has said this at the end of pretty much every phone conversation and whenever I leave the house. For the longest time, I found it really annoying, but now I find it sweet and say the same thing to Bryan as he leaves the house in the morning. I think by telling our loved ones this, we’re showing how much we care about their well-being. And that we want to come home to us in one piece.

Actions have consequences

This might sound like a no-brainer that you’ve heard from numerous sources, but there’s something about hearing your mom’s voice in the back of your head that stops you from doing something stupid. This advice has kept me from making some very poor choices.

True love is unconditional

Like most teenage girls, I was a total bitch to my mom growing up. But at the end of the day (okay, maybe by the next day), we always made up after crying together and talking through the problem. She dedicated so much time to reading and learning about ways to help me through my adolescence that I didn’t truly appreciate until I was an adult.

To everyone who has a difficult relationship with their mothers, I hope that one day you’re able to forgive her and grow close. To those who have lost their moms, my heart goes out to you and I hope today you can remember your happy memories with her. I’d love to hear any lessons you’ve learned from your mom so please share in the comments.

Love WellSarah Walsh