Inspiration Roundup 5.26.17

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you all have a relaxing and fun weekend planned. This week is a little light on the inspiration because I've been all over the place. I'm working really hard to find out the exact direction I want this blog to go in. I know I ultimately want to write a book, but I'm trying to figure out the subject matter AND when I want to write it. 

To be completely honest, working on building my business and dog walking isn't exactly paying my portion of the bills right now, and it's causing a lot of stress. However, I completely believe in this journey and know that the Universe is pushing me in the direction I need to be in. I potentially have some opportunities coming my way that are really exciting. Fingers crossed!

Inspiration Roundup 5.26.17 | Sarah Michelle Blog

Any way, here's what has been inspiring me this week! 

Jenna Kutcher

I've been following Jenna for awhile on the socials, but I had NO idea how much thought provoking content she has available to her subscribers. I joined in on the 5 Day Instagram Challenge and absolutely love Jenna's advice. I highly suggest checking out Jenna and my new Insta bio inspired by Jenna's advice because both are pretty awesome :) 

Anne with an E

I actually didn't read Anne of Green Gables until I was in my twenties when I randomly decided that I wanted to get a copy of the Rifle Paper Co. cover version. The Netflix series follows the story, but fleshes out details and adds more depth to the characters. The actress playing Anne is exactly how I imagined Anne in my head, and I can't wait to see how her character grows if the series gets another season. If nothing else, Anne teaches us how valuable it is to use our imaginations or visualize our dreams. 

Pippa's Wedding

I know some people hate the British Royal Family and their familial offshoots, but I'm absolutely crazy about Kate and Pippa. My love of the Duchess of Cambridge is unending, and Pippa's wedding made my heart so happy. She looked beautiful and the children were too cute. Something about weddings always makes me believe in fairy tales.  

What has inspired you this week? I'd love for you to share in the comments (which I finally learned how to turn on this week *face palm*).