4 Podcasts for Your Journey to Living Well

A year or so ago the only podcast, I'd ever heard of was Serial, mainly because of the massive amounts of media attention it was getting. I didn't get the appeal. Why would I want someone talking at me for an hour? Weren't podcasts for hipsters or people obsessed with NPR?

I held onto that opinion for awhile, even after tuning into Serial, but slowly a lot of my favorite blogs started featuring podcasts. When Shannon from The Simply Luxurious began hosting The Simple Sophisticate, I definitely got the feeling that I was missing out on something and began really hunkering down to find podcasts that were right for me. 

4 podcasts that will guide you on your journey to living well

I'm pretty picky about what I listen to—too many ads, disjointed formatting, or generally boring information irritate me. There are a few I'll check out occasionally to see if the creators have posted any shows that would be of particular interest to me, but overall, I'm a die hard enthusiast of the podcasts below because they encourage me to live my best life.  

The Lively Show

Jess Lively just sounds like she'd be your best friend. She's bubbly and effervescent without seeming too candy sweet or "fake," as they say. When I tune into her show, I really feel like I'm listening to what one of my good friends has been up to. Right now she's adopted a nomadic lifestyle after selling her house and all her furniture right before leaving for a trip to Europe. How amazing is that? Most importantly, Jess has taught me to really listen to my intuition. There have been a few times since I became a regular listener when my intuition has basically started screaming at me that I'm making the wrong choice for my particular journey. From Jess, I've learned to trust that voice and not just think I'm crazy for having "bad vibes" about something. 

The Simple Sophisticate

This was my first podcast I fell in love with. Shannon's blog, The Simple Luxurious Life, has always been home for me. While I might fall off the bandwagon from reading her posts regularly, I do always return because Shannon's messages and beliefs have always spoken to a key part of who I am. I love that The Simple Sophisticate is an extension of Shannon's blog, but there's room for more depth in explanation. Hearing Shannon talk about the way certain lessons she's learned have impacted her life has provided me with a richer understanding of The Simply Luxurious Life. And as a bonus, there's one episode where Shannon refers to me, not by name, but as "a reader" and I swear it's me she's talking about!

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is the author of The Four Hour Work Week and subsequent "Four Hour" spinoffs. While I thought Ferriss' book was interesting, I really didn't think the four hour work week was right for me so I was surprised by how much I enjoy his podcasts. Generally speaking, his format is to interview innovators from all different fields and areas of expertise in a long form conversation. These episodes can run anywhere from an hour to two hours long. Out of all the podcasts on the list, this is probably the one I've gained the most from. I always seem to gain inspiration from whomever Ferriss is interviewing. Seth Godin's interview is my favorite and I have pages of notes from when I listened. Also, Bryan and I love to listen to these episodes together and then talk about them. We listened to several while on vacation to the tiny house in VA and they really made the trip the most enjoyable car ride I've ever had. We have plans to have more podcast dates in the future. 

The Minimalists Podcast

I doubt I'll ever stop singing the praises of Ryan and Joshua, particularly after seeing their documentary. These guys really impacted my life and helped me understand what minimalist philosophy I subscribe to. So to get weekly insights from is pretty much nirvana. Plus hearing them banter back and forth is highly entertaining. If you're looking for an introduction to minimalism or even what to reevaluate what it means to you to be a minimalist, this podcast is for you. 

I know a lot of people think that podcasts sounds pretty boring and would much rather be listening to music. And there are definitely times I agree with that. I don't always want to hear words of inspiration. Sometimes I'd rather just jam out or even have things be perfectly quiet. That being said, I think podcasts are at least worth a small time investment if you're looking to live a better life. Who knows what will be the tipping point to spur you forward to living the life you always dreamed of..


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