5 Signs You Might Secretly Be A Feminist

Full disclosure, I shopped this piece around to different publications, but no one seemed interested in a post about feminism...which is obviously part of the problem we face as feminists today. Because of the fear I saw in regard to this post, I wanted to share it on here to play a roll in making feminism less scary.

5 Signs You're Secretly a Feminist

Feminism is kind of like the new F-word. People are less hesitant to drop the f-bomb than to call themselves a feminist, and I don’t blame them. Feminism comes with a lot of baggage. A lot of people associate feminism with bra burning and man hating, which can be true in some small cases. But that’s not the true definition of feminism. Merriam-Webster simply defines feminism as “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities,” something most people probably agree with. 

 Feminism doesn’t have to be scary or hateful. In fact, at its core, feminism is about loving everyone. While you might not be ready to be card carrying feminist just yet, check out these five signs that you may secretly be a feminist.

You have no problem working for a female boss.

Your boss is crazy knowledgeable, has her act together, and just happens to be female. You respect her for the awesome work she does and don’t think that her gender has any effect on how she does her job and manages you.  

You think it’s stupid that there’s still a wage gap.

If you found out that your mom makes approximately 30% less than her male coworker, despite working there just as long as he has and accomplishing just as much, wouldn’t you think that’s ridiculous? Something about a woman making less at a job simply because she’s a woman just doesn’t sit right with you.  

You love Beyoncé, Emma Watson, and Emma Stone.

Not only are these women crazy talented, but they also are outspoken about women being treated equally and aren’t afraid to have tough conversations. You support their #girlpower vibes and love their work. 

You think men are great.

In fact, you think everyone is great. Except for, you know, serial killers and the like. At your core you believe that no matter someone’s gender, race, or sexual identification that they have the capability of being a really great, awesome person.  

You want affordable birth control.

Birth control is a central focus of the feminist movement. If you're sexually active and not looking to have children anytime soon, contraceptives at an affordable price are essential to your peace of mind and well-being. 
While the word feminism might be intimidating, you should consider giving it a chance if you identify with any of these signs. Take the time to read more about the "new wave" of feminism and don’t be afraid to have conversations with your friends about what it really means to be a feminist. After all, open minds lead to action and action leads to change.  

Speak WellSarah Walsh