Clean Out Your Closet, Improve Your Life

Like many people, Pinterest is my favorite place to go for inspiration. Nothing can jump start my unmotivated brain like a good self care tip or powerful quote. When I was feeling scared and despairing today, I turned to trusty Pinterest and found exactly what I needed. The below quote gave me the push I needed to get past the self doubt and anxiety that was whirling around in my brain. The promise of improving my life by merely cleaning out my closet* was alluring enough to move me from couch to the bedroom to go through my clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Via Pinterest. (If you can find the original link, please let me know!)

Via Pinterest. (If you can find the original link, please let me know!)

Overall, my closet wasn't particularly messy. I had clothes I needed to put away and laundry I need to fold in the other room, but because I still believe in maintaining a minimalist closet, I don't have that many items of clothing to hang up. Nonetheless, I took the time to straighten up shoes that had fallen off their rack, properly put away stray items, and evenly space out my hangers. 

In total, cleaning out my closet probably took me 20 minutes. Did my life feel dramatically improved? Not really. But I did feel a sense of satisfaction from crossing something that was way down on my to-do list and not giving into a bad day. I'm not sure that I was holding onto anything that was particularly holding me back, but I was able to put two shirts in my donation pile that didn't really appeal to me anymore

While you may not feel like there's anything in your closet that's holding you back, I'd recommend taking 30 minutes to tidy up, rearrange some things, and refocus. At the very least, getting dressed in the morning will probably be a lot easier. 

Can Cleaning Out Your Closet Improve Your Life? | Sarah Michelle Blog

*I apologize if that Eminem song gets stuck in your head after reading this!

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