The Year of the Flamingo

A few weeks ago, I decided that I needed a new notebook to chronicle my new life and adventures. Naturally, I went to TJ Maxx because I have a mild addiction to the store, inherited from my grandmother. I wanted something spiral bound, but that was pretty much my only specification. 

As I squatted down in the middle of the aisle, my eyes immediately locked on this flamingo-covered, spiral-bound notebook (pattern below) and knew I had to have it. Those flamingos triggered all sorts of energizing thoughts in my head. I went home and cracked open that notebook as fast as I could, titling the first page The Year of the Flamingo. 

When I started writing down those words, I really didn't know what a flamingo year would look like, but I was hell bent on figuring it out. I began stream-of-conscious writing and asked myself what about flamingos could inspire my life. Words popped from my mind to the page. Vibrant. Healthy. Beautiful. Bright. Vital. Bold. 

As the words kept coming, I knew I was on to something good. I started working on what I considered my guide, what my flamingo life would look like, and threw together a few basic tenants. I didn't want to share this until everything was fully fleshed out. I mean, how do I explain my crazy idea of wanting to be a flamingo?

But in my gut, I knew I made a promise to tell the truth and be bold. So I want to share with you my basic outline for The Year of the Flamingo, and how you, too, can embrace your inner pink bird. 

Bright Colors

Whether you learned this in school or not, flamingos get their bright pink/orange/red feathers from the beta carotene in their diet. People are drawn to flamingos because of their bright colors so why can't I take a page out of the bird's book and add a little more color to my life? I tucked away all the black in my closet and made sure my bright dresses and accessories were readily available for me to throw on. I painted my toe nails bright blue and my finger nails magenta. I wore teal spandex. I added a bit of color to our home decor with two plastic flamingos proudly displayed by our front door (more on these guys in a future post). While it might seem superficial to focus on adding bright colors to your life, I think it's a great way to physically remind yourself of what you're working toward and who you want to be. Seeing my flamingos and bright colors guide me when I'm feeling out of sorts and not focusing on positive vibes. 

Good Health

If you ever see a flamingo looking pale or white, that means they're sick and malnourished. And as I want to be a pink flamingo--not a white, unhealthy one--it only makes sense that The Year of the Flamingo should focus on taking better care of my health. Leafy green salads, smoothie bowls, and plenty of avocados are on the menu. I also want to focus on practicing meditation and yoga more frequently to keep my soul nourished, too. 

Fun with Friends

Birds of a feather flock together (sorry, I had to add at least one corny bird joke in this post somewhere!). Flamingos are sociable creatures and hang out in big flocks. While I don't want a ton of meaningless friendships, I do want to work on building relationships with inspiring people in the area to have regular happy hour and brunch dates with. I think my stress levels have made me forget how to have fun, but as my life continues to get better and better, I want to make time for fun and friends again. 

There you have it. That's what my flamingo life is going to look like as of right now. I want to live boldly and bravely, and my weird obsession with these funny looking birds will hopefully guide me on this journey. While there are plenty of holes and parts not thought out, I believe The Year of the Flamingo will help me be fearless, and I hope my journey inspires you, too. 

Shake your tail feathers, friends.