How to Dress for a Road Trip

This past weekend Bryan and I headed to Pittsburgh's Strip District to celebrate our anniversary and engagement. We had a lovely time, particularly at the zoo. I made sure to do everything that my parents wouldn't let me do at the zoo as a kid because what I wanted was too expensive. So during our trip I got a Dippin' Dots, photo booth photos, AND a stuffed red panda. It felt good to embrace my inner child!

How to Dress for a Road Trip | Sarah Michelle Blog

It's no secret that I don't travel well. Long car rides give me anxiety and I don't like to be too far from wherever we're staying in case something happens, like I get a blister or need to find a restroom. It's silly things like this that make me hard to travel with, but thank goodness Bryan knows how to deal with my anxieties. 

Part of how I prepare for travel is by making sure my outfit is extra comfy if I'm going to be in the car for a long period of time. I was inspired by Julia Engel's blog post on her travel style and thought I'd share my thoughts here.  For this trip, I turned to my favorite white sweater, ponte leggings, and my new sneakers. 

I originally became obsessed with these shoes after seeing Carly from The College Prepster wearing them in her post in partnership with J. Crew x New Balance. I loved the color and I've been gravitating to it in clothes, accessories, and everything in between. I sent Carly a tweet to find out if she thought they were worth the investment and she did, so I bought them as a birthday present to myself. 

I can attest that they're super comfy, and they don't make me feel dorky like I do when I normally where sneakers. Every time I look down at the pop of pink, I can't help but smile! If you're interested in a new pair of sneakers, I definitely recommend these!

sarah travel 3.jpg

Styled Well: LOFT sweater (old, similar here) | LOFT leggings | J. Crew x New Balance sneakers | Kate Spade handbag (old, similar here) | Warby Parker glasses

I used to be very against leggings as pants, but I've found that leggings in a ponte material provide the same amount of comfort with more coverage than regular thin leggings, making them more like pants. I completely understand that people are still against leggings as pants, but I've found they work for my lifestyle. 

The only downside to my travel outfit was including my hot pink Kate Spade handbag. I chose to bring that one because it had enough room to carry my camera and had a cross body strap. However, the cross body strap is actually more of a shoulder strap so I couldn't carry it easily and it left my shoulders feeling sore. Next time I travel, I plan on taking a large cross body bag so I can walk around more comfortably. 

Do you have a go-to travel look? Also, if you have any suggestions on road trips Bryan and I can take next, let me know in the comments!