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Kate Spade Butterflies 1

Since moving to my apartment, I've been actively seeking a more mindful, minimalist lifestyle. Over the past few weeks, I've been seriously combing through my wardrobe to remove pieces that I don't completely love or are basically duplicates of other pieces that I like better. Right now I have two trash bags and a large box waiting to be taken to Goodwill once I'm completely done with my decluttering. 

Now that I'm really pleased with my wardrobe, I'm planning on including outfit posts to show what my version of a minimalist wardrobe looks like. Depending on what type of minimalism you follow, there are different versions of how people create their paired down wardrobe. Jennifer L. Scott does the 10 item wardrobe, while I've read about 33 items wardrobes and "lean" 50 item wardrobes. For my purposes I'm not limiting myself to a number and instead am sticking with a capsule wardrobe mentality.

For my first outfit post (!!!), I'm highlighting my favorite outfit (black blazer, dark jeans, and black ankle boots) that I paired with my spring investment bag, a Kate Spade tote. 

Kate Spade Butterflies 2
Kate Spade Butterflies 3

Blue butterflies have a special place in my heart. When my life hit a low spot last year, my mom and grandmother took me to go see the new Cinderella movie, which I absolutely adored. I really appreciated the reoccurring blue butterfly motif throughout the film and when times were particularly tough, I would use my mom's old scrapbooking supplies to make cute butterfly wall art that I hung in my room for when I needed an extra dose of courage and kindness. Needless to say, when I received this tote as a Christmas present from my aunt, I felt like I really had come full circle. 

Kate Spade Butterflies 4
Kate Spade Butterflies 4

Generally I think my style favors a classic/professional look, but I like to mix it up with a pop of something, whether it's fun shoes in a bold color or a statement bag. Since I'm clumsy (which translates to messy), I tend not to invest too much money in my clothing because I ruin them pretty easily. That doesn't mean I sacrifice quality though. TJ Maxx and thrift stores are a blessing since I can save money and get quality pieces. Instead, I'm more likely to invest in accessories that I'm less likely to spill on and will last a lifetime, like this tote bag. 

Kate Spade Butterflies 5
Kate Spade Butterflies 6

The Look: Kate Spade butterfly tote (similar) | TJ Maxx blazer (similar) | Loft jeans | Bandolino booties (similar)

Below I'm including some of my favorite Kate Spade statement bags that I would love to invest in if I had the means or need for another bag. I definitely like the more classic ones, but I have to say the more ostentatious ones have a certain charm to them! Which one is your favorite?

Photography by Ellen Borza

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