Aussie and The Fox [Review]

Last weekend, after a month of rescheduling, my best friend since junior high came to visit me from Pittsburgh. I've been seriously missing her and was determined to show her all the wonderful things Lancaster has to offer. However, I quickly realized that I'd only been to a handful of places in the area, none of which served brunch—our favorite past time. 

Thankfully, my coworker (Ellen from A Pop of Pink) was able to give me suggestions for the best brunch spots downtown. At the top of the list was Aussie and The Fox. As someone who has always had a soft spot for foxes, I couldn't resist going to a place with such a cute name and decided to make a reservation immediately. 

Coming from an area with only a few fine dining options, especially brunch options, made me particularly excited to make a reservation via Open TableCompletely blew my mind how simple it was to pick the perfect time with only a few taps on my phone screen. 

Aussie and the Fox Restaurant

Walking in we were immediately greeted by the surfer dude of any girl's dream—long sandy locks and an Australian accent, which quickly answered where part of the restaurant's name came from.  

After getting our bearings in the intensely colored and luxuriously decorated space, I knew I would love Aussie and The Fox for the decor alone. Usually I'm not a fan of the color orange, bu the rich tones paired with deep purples completely won me over. The atmosphere transported you to a throwback, Old Hollywood bar that makes you feel instantly more chic and sophisticated. 

Aussie and the Fox Sarah Mimosas

For brunch I wore my favorite J Crew Factory striped shirt, which I paired with a yummy mimosa. I love that I can dress this shirt up for work with a navy pencil skirt and heels or wear it with jeans and flats during a causal yet chic Saturday brunch. And believe me, I'm kind of a striped shirt connoisseur and have tried my fair share of brands to find the perfect weight, stripe ratio, and color.

When I first got this one in the mail, I was a little hesitant because the colors are navy and oatmeal, unlike the navy/white combo I'm used to. However, I've gotten used to the oatmeal and I'm actually quite the fan. It gives it a kind of vintage feel, but it's not beige enough to make me look like a potato.

Oh, and while you can't really tell that well here, I had my stylist color my virgin hair and now have a sun-kissed ombré. I like the change and have been told it makes me seem more "fun" and I'm definitely down with having more fun!

Aussie and the Fox Chicken and Waffles

Now onto the food and let me just say: holy goodness. The Chicken and Waffles at Aussie and The Fox is currently in the top 5 meals of my life. Paired with the sweet potato fries that look to the unknowing eye burnt and dried but were actually cooked to create a sturdy outside and a wonderfully gooey inside. The dipping sauce that accompanied it took them to the next level.

I've noticed that it can be really hard to find good sweet potato fries. Sometimes they're too thick and you feel like you're basically eating a baked potato. Other times they're too crunchy or too soft. The happy medium can be hard to find and Aussie and The Fox seems to have mastered the art of sweet potato fries. 

As for the showstopper, the chicken was crusted in some magical coating that was delicious and just the right amount of salty. Paired with the buttermilk mayo, it had a great blend of salty, sweet, and sour that I can't stop raving about! Waffles are another food that are surprisingly easy to mess up, but these bad boys weren't to crisp or too soft and made this a gastronomic experience. 

Really, the overarching theme of Aussie and The Fox is that they do everything just right so it truly is the perfect dining option. Needless to say, I can't wait to make a return trip!