Sarah Masters SEO: Why I'm Loving SEO

Anyone who knows me in real life, regularly reads my blog posts/tweets, or just pays really good attention knows that I’m obsessed with living a high-quality, curated life. Some of my favorite blogs are The Simply Luxurious Life (read my review of Shannon’s book) and The Daily Connoisseur (I wrote about my first impressions of her book recently). You might ask how this relates to SEO. Well, much like myself, SEO focuses on quality.

Why I Love SEO

In Chapter 6 of the Beginner’s Guide to SEO, the Moz writers explain that "no one likes to link to a crummy site.” This sounds obvious, but how many times have you searched something on the internet only to find sub par search results that don’t really give you the info you want?

This situation irritates me to no end because there are a lot of blogs with fantastic mission statements and visionary ideas, but the content they deliver is lacking in information. I hate clicking on something that related to living a high-quality, curated life, and receiving perfume recommendations. Sure, a good scent can make you feel chic, but it’s only going to impact a small aspect of your life.

Moz includes a list of ways you can tell if you’re producing high quality content in Chapter 6.

You might have a quality site if…

  • You have a lot of long clicks. The long click tracks how long someone stays on your page after getting it as a search result. The longer someone stays on your page, the more likely they are to find your content satisfactory for their search inquiry. On the other hand, if the person doesn’t stay on your page long, it probably means they didn’t like your content as a result.
  • The animal kingdom likes you. As I discussed in my last post, these algorithms are out to get poor quality sites, but if you’re sailing through smoothly, chances are you’re doing something right when it comes to quality.
  • People are linking to your site. Again, this is like getting the vote for prom queen. Or president. Basically people believe in you.

As you’ve hopefully seen throughout this blog series, SEO has many different facets, but I love that quality is a priority. It’s important to me to do work that meshes well with my values, and I think SEO and I are in for a lovely, long term relationship. 

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