Six Inches Deep in Mud

Every time the air turns colder and the leaves start to change, I long for my literary home in the drawing room at Longbourn, on the roads in Hertfordshire, and within the shades of Pemberley. I want to revisit the world of my favorite heroine, Elizabeth Bennet. 

I adore Jane Austen's books. Occasionally, I will fall a bit more in love with Emma than Elizabeth, but my heart always comes home to Elizabeth. She is feisty, bright, and lovely—what more could a woman want to be? But this post isn't meant to be an ode to my beloved Elizabeth. That will be saved for another day. Instead, I'm talking about my decidedly Elizabethan habit: Walking. 

Anyone who knows Pride & Prejudice knows of Elizabeth's predilection for walking. Aside from laughing and dancing, it's one of Miss Elizabeth's favorite past times. Miss Bingley condemns Elizabeth for walking to Netherfield to take care of Elizabeth's sister, Jane, because when she arrives Elizabeth's petticoat is "six inches deep in mud." Elizabeth is mostly unfazed, knowing her sister's health is more important than a muddy hem. 

 I've picked up Elizabeth's habit of walking as of late with the arrival of the puppies. My mother can't walk the ever growing beasts alone so I happily join in on the fun. Molly and Pepper (our Newfoundland puppies, both under 5 months old) are entirely too funny for dogs and have so much personality, which makes these walks such a delight. 

My love for walking has expanded past hanging out with the puppies and my mom, and now I am craving a good walk through fallen leaves. There's a spot up by my alma matter that has the most perfect patch of trees with leaves that turn a wonderfully bright yellow. I haven't been there in years and I can't wait until the trees change to the right color. 

My advice to you is to embrace autumn with a good walk with crunchy leaves for company. Nothing is better for the soul this time of year and hopefully you'll be able to savor the colors before everything becomes barren this winter. 

Sarah Walsh