Marveling at Life

Although I use this blog in a professional capacity, I thought it would be fun to provide a glimpse into my every day life. I got this list idea from Ashley from Sed Bona and Samantha from Mastering Oxford—these ladies are brilliant and certainly up-and-coming in the social media sphere. Without further ado, here's what I've been up to lately: 

Enjoying: My last semester as a student—at least for awhile!
Listening: Ellie Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do" 
Wearing: Camel & black J Crew heart sweater, old black pencil skirt, Banana Republic leopard print scarf, thrifted black heels, and black Ann Taylor tights.
Making: Edits to my resume and cover letter
Cooking: Instant Oatmeal
Drinking: Ginger ale over ice. The ice is key.
Feeling: Stressed. Very, very stressed. 
Reading: Textbooks :(
Looking: At my sweet little pup curled up on a pillow
Wishing: For a miracle & a trip to a tropical paradise
Liking: Season 5 of Downton Abbey
Waiting: To get my nerve up
Snacking: On cashews
Coveting: A pastel blue/periwinkle coat a la the Duchess of Cambridge
Hearing: My fan on for white noise
Learning: That taking a philosophy of religion course is a lot harder than I thought!
Loving: My internship with YCP's Alumni Relations Office
Watching: An Idiot Abroad with my family
Admiring: The grace and kindness of my friends
Getting: Excited for what the future holds
Wondering: What plans I'm going to make for my birthday
Playing: Every day & embracing my inner child
Noticing: That the future has started to look a lot brighter
Giggling: At random text conversations & how funny I think I am
Bookmarking: Profound HuffPost pieces such as this one on Nice Girls
Deciding: To take risks
Hoping: To continue improving upon my happiness
Contemplating: How to plug away at this thesis paper
Wanting: Better sleeping habits
Thinking: About my Twitter usage and how to increase my following 
Knowing: I am loved
Opening: A window and closing a door
Feeling: Content
Marveling: At life
Sarah Walsh