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Once upon a time…

is how I’m convinced all the best stories start. I became a ravenous reader at a very young age, quickly becoming confused as why I had all these Hooked On Phonics books on my shelf when they were totally boring compared to my collections of fairytales or the latest Scooby-Doo chapter book. Today I still consider reading to be my favorite hobby, but professionally, my goals turned more to creating my beloved written word rather than editing someone else’s. I hope to one day be considered the perfect blend of Jane Austen, Nora Roberts, and Elizabeth Holmes (the journalist NOT the blood fraud). What can I say? I dream big.

In my personal life, I ended up living my own disgustingly sweet fairytale with a whirlwind romance complete with a lovely wedding and the pattering of 16 tiny feet (of the furry variety—we have a dog named Pippa and three cats: George, Kerbie, and Olimar). I consider myself equal parts feminist and princess, and I often dream of running off to the French country side. You’ll often find me talking about girl power, the British Royal Family, embracing your inner French girl, and how dogs and cats are pretty much the best thing ever.

Some of my favorite things I’ve written?

I would love to chat about working together, so please feel free to reach out below or via email at Until then, à bientôt!


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